In early March this year your Committee put a proposal to the Melbourne Gun Club to allow our members to fly solo at the field on days that the MGC wasn’t operating which are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. In our proposal we pointed our our Club’s excellent record since our 2 Safety Officer system has been in place. We also pointed out that this has been somewhat difficult for our members who could not attend on days where this was in place.
Subsequently the Gun Club gave us a letter of support so that we could approach the Shire of Yarra Ranges. This was done early April and we received notification last week that the Shire was happy with our proposal. One major contributing factor to us being given permission to fly solo was that each member wishing to avail themselves of this privilege would be required to partake in a spatial awareness program. Prior to partaking in this program, the member must have first signed the club’s Safety Acknowledgement letter to allow flight testing to take place. The instructors will have copies of the acknowledgement on the day.
The Spatial Awareness Program takes about 5 minutes to complete with a nominated instructor and takes in the following:
      1. Knowledge of our boundaries, safe flying zones and no-flying zones.
      2. Proof of failsafe being applied to your model and conducting a range check.
      3. Safe starting and arming techniques
      4. Correct take-off procedure, verbal clearance, taxi etc.
      5. High level left hand or right hand circuit within club flying zones
      6. Being able to state which days are available to solo flying, once this proficiency program has been signed off the member applying. (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) It should be noted that some Sundays the MGC occasionally conduct a weekend shoot. On these occasions NO SOLO FLYINGwill happen, however we revert back to the both safety observers on those occasions. You will be notified of such dates by email.
If you wish to avail yourself of this procedure, you can either turn up on Saturday morning or Tuesday morning. If these times are not convenient then please contact Les Marriner, Club Safety Officer, on 0401622613, to arrange a suitable time.