We have now been operating under our current pilot area Safety Officer and Boundary Observer system for about 6 months and we have seen a vast improvement in our members flying behaviour in general. I had a meeting with the President of the Melbourne Gun Club in the last few weeks, and he stated that their club is very pleased with the way our members are respecting the southern boundary of our field. Saturday is the MGC’s main competition day and we need to be ever mindful not to let the side down, after all the good work that has been done to secure our future at our field.

We currently have about 40 members who have not returned their signed safety acknowledgement statement to our Club Registrar, Mike Smith. This document is a requirement for continued membership and no one is permitted to fly at the field without first signing this. If you have inadvertently missed out on returning the acknowledgement, please complete a form and return it to Mike Smith by email asap. If you need a copy of the Safety Acknowledgement, please request a copy via email to [email protected] or there are hard copies at the field, on the Safety Officer clipboard. You can complete the form and leave it on the clip board, where it will be collected and recorded against your membership status.