Is Training Required?

Is Training required?

When beginner planes are sold with stabilisation, self landing and bailout functions, and quadcopters can almost fly themselves (sometimes better than we can!), and return to home is available, it may be asked if flight training is still valid?

The answer is an unequivical YES.


NO electronics yet has substituted for a poorly built model that requires some attention, where a stabiliser may be at an odd angle perhaps.
No electronics available can test for cracking in structural components, or reversed controls. Or a fatigued rubber band about to let go. Or a lead poorly plugged in.
No electronics yet can determine that it is better to wait until ‘that fast plane’ lands to take off, or it is best to remain on the ground if ‘Deadstick Harry’ takes to the air.

And most certainly, no electronics yet can take in all the variables that Flight Training teaches. Situational Awareness.
What is everyone else doing?
What is everyone else about to do?
What direction is the traffic pattern today?
Can I share with other people?

Flight training teaches situational awareness as part of a RISK MINIMISATION process.
As well as the obvious practical flight instruction, the core component is the ability to read a situation and act appropriately.
This applies to every model we launch into the air. Whether it cost $20 or $20,000.

Other peoples thoughts?

Please let me know your thoughts at [email protected] or in the comment area below, I am sure there are plenty of sides to this argument as well as comments.  All are welcome.

Vale Maurice (Maurie) Moore (1929 – 2016)

We were notified by his son that Maurie Moore had passed away.

Maurie was a long time member of the club and he was awarded Life Membership of LDMFA in 2010.

His MAAA number was AUS370 so he had been in model aviation for many years.

A check of our historic records shows Maurie was born in October 1929 so he was 86 years old.

Maurie was a well-respected member of LDMFA and his passing will be noted with much sadness.