Please Read

Please read and put into action immediately

As a result of the recent incidents of our members crashing models into the grounds of the Melbourne Gun Club, the LDMFA has been officially served notice from the Shire of Yarra Ranges (our Land Lord) to confine our flying operations to within our fence line. This is the area bounded by the rabbit proof fence surrounding the strip and outer mowed areas. They make special mention that we are to also cease flying over the billabong and walking track area to the north of our field, and the treed area to the east of our strip which also contains public walking tracks . Both these areas are outside the area of our lease. As the area west of Victoria Road (known as Cox’s Paddock) is also outside the area of our lease, flying over this area is to also cease immediately.

If we fly outside the area of our lease with the Shire, they state that we will be in breach of the lease and they will terminate our lease. As we have already breached the terms of our lease by crashing into the Gun Club, the Shire will take any further breaches of the lease as a very serious disregard and take immediate action to terminate our lease.

Our President Tony Lloyd-Bailey and I have a meeting with the council next Monday, where we will be given a chance to plead our case. It is very unlikely that the current lease would be varied, but we will be at least having our say in defence of our club.

Please adhere to this ruling by the Shire as the future of our club is entirely in your hands.

Regards, Les Marriner Vice President LDMFA

Photos from Daniel Carey

Hi guys,

Daniel Carey has sent in some great photos of planes! The pictures were taken at LDMFA, Sanddown Raceway (F1 Airrace) and Avalon (2017)

Feel free to have a look through


Thanks Dan!

Special Motions

At a Special Committee Meeting convened on Tuesday 4th July the following motions was unanimously agreed by committee:

Motion 1
“If any pilot is observed by a committee member and confirmed by one other member, for any reason to fly over any part of the Melbourne Gun Club they will grounded for the duration of the day’s flying.”

Motion 2
“Any member who does not have a MAAA Wings Rating recorded on the LDMFA / MAAA database is not to fly at the LDMFA field without an instructor.”
A members wings rating is shown on the back of their membership card. If you do not currently have a rating it is incumbent upon you to either undertake the necessary test or only fly under the guidance of a club recognised instructor